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12 Years experience fishing all North Shore waters including the North Fork and Montauk in the fall. Targeting all Fish in season Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, Bonito, Fluke and Blackfish. Most of the spring is spent specializing in sight fishing the flats in a 21 Pathfinder boat and the rest of the season in a 2150 Bluewater center console rigged for any inshore/offshore fishing. Come spend the day chasing fish around long island with me!! Also Check out my other website: JOEYCCHARTERS.COM



Odders McRodders said...

Hey Vinny!! Thank you for following my blogg. What a nice surprice!!
How are you? Back in NY? I am thinking of coming to NY for a couple of days an my way back home. Are you around with Matt if I do so? Take Care

Odders McRodders said...

Oh I do apologise and thank you for getting back to me. It is such a weird coinsidence as I met a Vinny in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica last month that was a fisherman and I could have sworn it was you so sincere apologies. :) I hope you have a great catch today or tomorrow after you read this and thank you for following my blogg. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated to know what is interesting people and what could be done better. :)
Sending sunshine vibes from Costa Rica