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12 Years experience fishing all North Shore waters including the North Fork and Montauk in the fall. Targeting all Fish in season Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, Bonito, Fluke and Blackfish. Most of the spring is spent specializing in sight fishing the flats in a 21 Pathfinder boat and the rest of the season in a 2150 Bluewater center console rigged for any inshore/offshore fishing. Come spend the day chasing fish around long island with me!! Also Check out my other website: JOEYCCHARTERS.COM

Ive been really taking advantage of the mild temps this winter day n night and have been rewarded some remarkable catches. Nighttime walleye, lake trout and giant brown trout my personal best.. I leave for mexico in two weeks for the month of march cant wait stick a rooster!!!


Dave Sr. said...

Where have you been? Looks like the brown was a slob!

Dave Sr.

bkaczkin said...

Vinny!!! Bryan from UA here. YOUR MY HERO!!!